About Us

Chris Martin Founder

Chris Martin Founder of Zonkamiles.org

Chris has served 6 years in prison for cannabis and 10 years in an unforgiving juvenile system. His goal has been a non profit to prevent these situations from repeating themselves with other kids

Tracee Dukes (VPO)

Tracee Dukes VPO

Tracee Dukes has a track record and history of helping and guiding youth to success. A grandmother now herself she continues to but children before needs of her own. 

Jessica Sylvia (Secretary)

Jessica Sylvia

Jessica brings years of experience to the table and her love of helping children and underprivelaged youth is undeniable.

Christopher Lengyel (Fundraising)

Christopher Lengyl

Chris not only brings military back ground but fund raising and business Developement abilities to the table. This will help tremendously to fulfill the many needs of so many coming home or looking for help.